Get the CountyCat Mobile App

Our CountyCat mobile app allows you fast access to your favorite library features on your phone or tablet! 

  • No need for card keychains - the app stores a digital copy of your barcode for quick checkout
  • Skip the line and self-checkout physical items while in library (only available at select locations)
  • Easily browse and search for titles, by keyword or by scanning a book barcode
  • Link library accounts for family members (different from the linked account feature in the desktop version of CountyCat)


Mobile App FAQs

Where can I find my library card barcode in the app?

1. Log in to the app.

2. Tap on "My Barcode" under the search bar.

3. Scan this barcode when checking out with staff or at a self checkout kiosk.

4. If you have other linked accounts, swipe up to show additional barcodes.


Does the app also track my Overdrive checkouts & holds?

Yes! You can search for OverDrive titles and track your OverDrive checkouts and holds in the mobile app. 

How do I view my reading history in the mobile app?

To see your Reading History in the app, make sure it's activated in your library account. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to 
  2. Click on "Import/Start My Reading History"
  3. After activating, your Reading History will appear in the app under My Accounts > Checkouts > Reading History.
Does the mobile app send push notifications?

No, at this time the mobile app does not send notifications for items ready for pick up or overdue items. 

Please ensure you are signed up for email, text, or phone notifications by speaking with library staff. 

What is the Self Check feature in the mobile app?

At select library locations, you can self checkout items using your phone instead of checking out at the front desk or at a kiosk!

To use self checkout, your device must have Location Services enabled.

For iOS devices:

Go to Settings > Find Location, turn it ON, and allow the CountyCat Mobile app to use location "While using the app."

For Android devices:

Go to Settings > Find Location, turn it ON, and allow the CountyCat app to use location "While using the app." Enable "Use precise location" for accurate results.

Which locations have Self Check enabled?

You can use self check at: 

  • all Milwaukee Public Library branch locations
  • North Shore
  • South Milwaukee
  • St. Francis
  • Whitefish Bay
How come when I do a search in the app it asks me to log in?

The CountyCat Mobile app requires a user is logged in before being able to perform a search. This is a security measure to help reduce the amount of unauthorized search requests to improve performance.

How to link another account and is it the same as the desktop CountyCat catalog?
Linking accounts allows you to maintain multiple library accounts in one place. If lets you view checkouts, holds and/or fines for the other person/s.  Reading history information is not available for linked accounts. The feature is available in both the mobile app and the desktop CountyCat catalog. However, you will need to link accounts separately in each one.  That is, linking a library account in the app does not automatically link that account to your own in the desktop CountyCat (and vice versa).  

To Add a Linked Account in the Mobile App

1. From the app, choose My Account, then select (touch once) Link Library Accounts.

Choose Link Accounts from the menu under My Account2. From the next display, select +Add.
Click the Add option
3. On the next screen, you will need to enter in the other person's library barcode, username or school ID, and PIN.  Then choose Link.  
enter the patron's account information then click Link
4. In the app, you are able to unlink the other library account, but that other person cannot force to be unlinked from your account.  There is no option for that.  If the other person changes his/her/their PIN, the account remains linked but you will no longer see checkouts or holds for that linked account.  The area will simply be blank.   
You may remove a linked account but the other person doesn't have that optionThe desktop CountyCat catalog also offers linked accounts as an option but the feature behaves a bit differently where both parties are able to control linkability in both directions.

To Add a Linked Account in the desktop CountyCat. 

1. Log into CountyCat by clicking SIGN IN in top right of the page.
2. Select Linked Accounts from the Account Settings menu.
3. Click on the Add an Account button to link an additional account.

Add an Account button is in the middle of the page

4. You will be prompted to enter the other person's library card number (or username) and PIN.  

You need the other person's barcode and PIN to link to them

5.  After clicking the Add Account button you should see a message that the accounts were successfully linked. 

6. Once linked, that person will appear under Additional accounts to manage. They can also be removed should you want to unlink the account later on. 

Another account is now linked

7.  When the other person (linkee) signs into CountyCat, a notification at the top displays letting them know their account is linked elsewhere. The other person is prompted to agree to the linking by click yes, which dismisses the message. The other option is they can choose manage linked accounts and opt out. The other person being linked sees a message at the point of logging into CountyCat.

8. The bottom part of the Linked Account area lists any other patrons who are able to view your account.  That is, which person or people have linked your account.  It is possible to remove the link using the Remove button, or to fully disable account linking for your record. 

You can view who can see your account

How do I use the Self Check feature?

1. Find the self checkout option at the bottom of the menu, marked by a blue shopping cart icon. Tap it to enter.

2. If in a self checkout enabled location, tap "Enable Location Services" when prompted.

3. Tap the green "Check Out" button.

4. If using barcode checkout, scan the item's barcode. If using RFID, let the app scan the item.

5. Look for confirmation on the app. Rescan if necessary.

6. To check out more items, tap "Scan the Library Barcode," or tap "Finish" to stop.

7. The app will display a list of checked-out items. Retry failed scans and take them to the service desk if needed. All self checkout receipts are stored in the account.

I get an error message saying "Checkout could not be completed" when using Self Check.

Some library materials may have old barcodes or tags that the app has a hard time reading clearly. If you are unable to check out the item, please take those materials to the location's circulation desk for checkout.

Please see below for the error message:

Are the lists in the app the same lists I have in CountyCat?

No.  The two list features are separate in the CountyCat Mobile app and CountyCat desktop catalog.  At this time, there is no way to have your lists match in both places.

My Lists in the Mobile app

View the CountyCat Mobile app My Lists help guide.